Flexvpn dual hubs

flexvpn dual hubs

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Note : In this diagram, the green line represents information provided by spokes to the the FlexVPN client configuration block in a scenario where multiple hubs are available.

This diagram represents the prefix exchange the specific routes of spokes on different hubs are.

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The network we'll be looking at is a dual-hub dual-cloud FlexVPN with PKI authentication. Hubs has multiple WAN links. This is how. The video shows you how to create Cisco FlexVPN dual-hub single-cloud topology using dVTI Virtual-Template with certificate-based authentication and Suite-B. Here there is no a primary connection for VPN, but only a Hub router works as the Flexserver, the other works as a backup (redundancy, but no load sharing). So.
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Anchor 3. Contents Introduction. The documentation set for this product strives to use bias-free language. HUB show interfaces virtual-template 1. This section provides sample configurations for the hubs and spokes that are used in this topology.