VPN Network

Our VPN service is based on advanced North America and Europe data centers that are built to fit the requirement of applications with full redundancy and the ability to leverage latency, international routing performance, and an overall faster and reliable network experience. Utilizing one CRS-3 Cisco and one Juniper MX-960 3D core router, it integrates a robust network Service Level Agreement, and leverages several uplinks and a superior networking design to accomplish outstanding performance and reliability. The two core routers are geographically separated in different datacenters, connecting all data centers in the LeaseWeb network to the internet, providing customers with superior network performance. It uses multiple best quality Tier1 transit providers, diverse private and public peering allows the network to always use the best available path with the lowest latency and highest connection quality, thus bypassing any network congestions.

Regarding the network devices, our VPN network segment is equipped with two Cisco routers, each one connected to different core routers via separate physical connections, and uses both gateway and uplink redundancy to ensure non-stop routing and reachability.

Feature Summary

  • The available bandwidth of more than 2.5 Tbps in Total
  • 99.999 % Network Core Uptime
  • Redundant Core Routing | Cisco CRS-1 & Juniper MX-960 3D
  • Multiple 10GigE transits and peering uplinks

Transit Providers: Level3, Telia Sonera, Global Crossing, Tata Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, Cogent

Internet exchanges: AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, and 15 others in Europe and the US, multiple private peers

More than above, our VPN network is protected by state-of-the-art equipment and software. With regular updates and upgrades of the core routers and switches, it guarantees to provide the finest and higest level of user experience to end-users, for FREE.

What kind of applications I can use through your VPN connection? Can I run P2P/Torrent software?

To maintain a high-quality VPN service and to avoid possible service interruption, we don’t allow P2P/Torrent traffic on the VPN service. Plus any users should not use our free VPN service for any illegal activity. Upon discovering of any network abuse behavior, we keep the right to expose offender’s access logs to 3rd party authority when needed, thanks for your understanding on this in order to keep a very safe and secure free VPN service up and running for long term.


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