Hide My IP Free VPN

Hide My IP VPN is the exclusive Free VPN Service provider that offers anonymity and high-level security by assigning new Internet Address to computers or mobile devices and establish encrypted connections between users and the Internet for a very secure web browsing experience with very well protection of personal online privacy and safety. The service is FREE, SECURE, NO SOFTWARE INSTALLATION and SUPER FAST!

Connect to Hide IP Free VPN immediately

We know you are in rush to connect to a VPN to hide your IP right now, so before introducing all features of our VPN service, we list our ready-to-go VPN connection details here for you to start instantly without any delay:

       Hide My IP VPN Type: L2TP VPN
   Hide My IP VPN Username: hidemyipvpn.com
Hide My IP L2TP VPN Secret: hidemyipvpn.com

        USA IP VPN Server: us.hidemyipvpn.com   Password: 2020
     Canada IP VPN Server: ca.hidemyipvpn.com   Password: 2020
         UK IP VPN Server: uk.hidemyipvpn.com   Password: 2020
    Germany IP VPN Server: de.hidemyipvpn.com   Password: 2020
Netherlands IP VPN Server: nl.hidemyipvpn.com   Password: 2020

Download VPN Profile for Apple iOS Phones and Tablets 

You can automatically install VPN Profile for your iPhone/iPad Devices by click link below:


Secure All Programs

Unlike those Socks Pxy services, VPN connection secures all programs running in your PC, you don't need to change any network settings for each application. Browsing internet, watch online TV, or chat over Instant Messengers!

Unblock All Websites

More than just hiding your identity, our Free VPN unblocks websites including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Netflix, Instagram, BBC, Dropbox, Media.com, etc. those are restricted by your government, company, and campus network. Access to the information you need at any time without boundaries.

Protect All Data

Protect your login credentials, email account, internet banking service, social-network updates, and online shopping, etc. from sniffers while enjoying WIFI Hotspots at a public area, always encrypted, always safe.

Testimonial from Users

I've been using HideMyIPVPN.COM service for about one month now and rely on it to hide my local ISP's IP address for a very secure and reliable VPN connections no matter where I am and what device I'm using. Extremely impressive connection speed without paying one cent! It's really a super fast, stable and convenient free VPN service, thanks! - James Hondus

Note: Make sure you check http://myiponline.com website after VPN connected to double confirm that your IP is changed before browsing any websites to ensure you get the secure VPN protection from our service.

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